Welcome to the online vocabulary text for all of our freshman and sophomore courses at Burlington High

For the 2017-18 school year, we are completing a two-year renovation of how our vocabulary curricula works at BHS. We are reducing the overall number of vocabulary units, to allow for more review and repeated instruction. Starting this year, our sophomore vocabulary text has gone from 18 units to 12. We have completely overhauled our sophomore text for two main reasons: We have found that our freshmen text, which focuses on word parts, has created greater gains in vocabulary acquisition. Also, our sophomore text was constructed to help with the vocabulary section of the SATs, but as of 2016, the SAT exam has completely shifted what type of vocabulary words they expect students to know. Our text was aiming at an obsolete target.


In both classes, the midterm covers only the units covered in the first half of the year, and the final exam only covers the vocabulary units in the second half of the year  (NOT the entire vocabulary study for the year).

In lieu of a full glossary, type in any word or word part into the “SEARCH” bar on the right, and you will connect to the corresponding unit.

To go directly to the flashcards for all of our units, CLICK HERE.

The units also include hotlinks to the vocabulary entry for each word on Dictionary.com – if any definition is unclear or insufficient, click on the word and you will be able to hear the pronunciation, see sample sentences, see further, and differently phrased definitions, and much more.


Good luck, and we hope you enjoy this resource!

The Burlington High School English Department



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