Sophomore Vocab Text Completed

All of the units for the new grade 10 vocabulary text have been completed on this page, and will now be sent to Exploros to turn into the iPad version. As stated earlier on this page, with the creation of the sophomore text, we also cleaned up some of the errors we found with the freshmen text, and in so doing, we had to reshuffle some words, and replace others entirely. The students in the class of 2016, who will once again be piloting our online textbook for us this year, will find a few words in their sophomore text that were also in the freshmen text. Those incidents are rare, and only happened because we found that some of the words that we selected were ill-suited for our freshmen text.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the iPad version of the sophomore text, due out sometime in August of 2013.

Vocab Text – Sophomore Edition – Construction Underway

We have just begun to create the sophomore edition of our vocabulary textbook. With it, we will be cleaning up some of the errors that we found in the freshmen text, but will more fully begin this process after the finals, so as not to confuse the students preparing for the exams. Bear with us as the sophomore units take shape.

Vocab Text 1.0

As of today, the first day of the 2012-13 school year, every unit in this textbook has been filled with synonyms, antonyms and hints to help you remember the words. We currently have two companies looking into making this textbook exist more as an eBook and less as a web page, but for the short term, this site now has everything that you need for our freshmen vocabulary curriculum.

Online Vocab Text Version 1.0


We are excited to roll out our new online vocabulary text, which not only eliminates our need for the outdated Word Wealth and the costly Sadlier Oxford books, but it also allows us to have a fully comprehensive, four-year vocabulary study at Burlington High School, using words of our choosing, selected to better enhance your vocabulary.

As this is a new venture, we are certain that we will be making adjustments as we go. You can help. If you see any ways that this text could improve, please write them down and bring them to Mr. Lally in room 200. This can be a suggestion for a simpler definition, a way to remember a word more easily, you name it. If we can use your suggestions, we will. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this text!

-BHS English Dept.